Oh the places you'll go

Note to self: I have never written a blog post. I’ve dabbled in writing in my journal when I was younger but moreso on the days when I would express my inner teen turmoils that are laughable now. I want to change that. Photography and documenting has become a huge part of my life and I want to try and articulate my present moments and experiences behind the photograph. I want to tell the stories, feelings and experiences behind the lens so that I have memories I can look back on and read about.

I have been on some amazing trips and experiences and sometimes, well most of the time, I try to be present and in the moment where I don’t take a many photos or post as much and just savor the time. However there are times that I wish I collected it in a better way than looking through old files of pictures and trips years later. I feel like photo journals and a little letter to myself and others could be a great and fun way for me to look back on what I’ve experienced through this life. Or possibly a cool way for people to experience places or things that they normally wouldn’t or be inspired to do some of these things!

Life is short. Something that keeps coming up lately in my life. I want to savor and experience every emotion I can in this lifetime. Should be a good one.

Till next time,


Jaclyn Fields