Yosemite 4.2019

Yosemite trip was much much needed. I always tend to get restless, like really restless in my daily life. Don’t get me wrong, I am so blessed and love where I work, where I live, my friends, my family, my passions, but there are days where I just want to escape it all. For me that is when I am in nature and on road trips or any mini getaway. Heck even the feeling of driving a couple hours to another city gets me that exciting adrenaline and freedom feeling. It’s odd but hey I go with it and know when I don’t listen to myself then I get stir crazy. So back to the point. This Yosemite trip was something I was very much looking forward to. Been reflecting on life a lot and just wanting to life more in the moment because life is so short and there is so much beauty to see and things to do. Okay, off tangent back to the trip. Went with my girl Taylor and her sis. We stayed with my extended family and got the amazing opportunity to photograph Erica and Rudy! An engagement session in Yosemite! Holy crap. Dreams right here. It’s just what I needed. We spent the weekend exploring, Saturday everyone and their mother was at the park but that’s okay because Sunday was PERFECT and I mean PERFECT weather, everyone had left, we went on an amazing hike to Vernal Falls and the evening photo session was sooooo fun!! Erica and Rudy were so chill and fun to be around. It was my first time shooting along side another photographer and that was twice as fun! Loved the experience and loved the weekend. AND AND our session ended with 3 DEER 5 FEET FROM US! No joke! These guys were awesome and it was a perfect way to finish a great weekend. A goal of mine is to find my editing style and figure a way to compile my travels together with blogs like this and all photos compiled in here. So here it is. Hoping to have more journeys and stories to come because I wish I did this on my crazy journey last summer. Maybe I could recall those trips and do something like this. -J

Jaclyn Fields